RAINBOW is one of the most professional company in designing,manufacturing and constructuring greenhouse.We can provide customized solution according to customers' requirment.Enough experience has gained in 20 years' to help our customer select,constuct,manage and maintain the optimal greenhouse structure and necessary envrionment control system.To creat great value for our customer is the motivation that we persist all the time.

About us

Qingzhou Rainbow Modern Agriculture Development Co.,Ltd is located in Masong village,Huanglou Town,Qingzhou City,Weifang City, Shandong Province, P.R.China.
We are specialized at manufacturing greenhouse and greenhouse products.
We are committed to research the efficient agricultural equipment and development of modern agriculture. We also specialized at greenhouse engineering scientific research and steel structure design, production, installation, greenhouse material, greenhouse accessories for temperature control equipment, heat preservation facilities, sales and service.
We can produce more than twenty kinds of greenhouse products, such as Venlo type PC (Polycarbonate) sheet greenhouse, venlo type glass greenhouse, multi-span arch-type film greenhouse, greenhouse restaurant, glass greenhouse, scientific research greenhouse, tunnel greenhouse, solar greenhouse and so on.
Our greenhouse sold to 23 provinces in China, include Chinese national development Tibet agricultural greenhouse project, Xinjiang Autonomous region vegetable growing project.
Our greenhouse also export to many countries in North America, Europe, Africa, Southeast Asia, Middle east and Oceania, such as: United Sates, Canada, the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, France, Ukraine, Russia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Saudi Arabia, The United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Thailand, India, Australia, Algeria, Nigeria, Tanzania and so on.



In 2012,RAINBOW start to exploit the oversea market and have exported to more than 30 countries. And we continuously subdivide the category of the greenhouse from normal greenhouse to commercial greenhouse, intelligent control greenhouse, Eco-greenhouse and so on......
  • Types of greenhouse structure

    1.1 Conventional / Post and Rafter greenhouses Description: The Post and Rafter design along with the A-frame are two of the most common greenhouse structures due to the simple construction of embedded post and rafters. This design is among the strongest with the rafters lending support to the roof. As the design is top-heavy, the frame must be footed, which will increase costs relative to other design options. Covering material options: Typically glass,

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  • Orientation of greenhouse

    The design of greenhouse should be based upon sound scientific principles which facilitates controlled environment for the plant growth. Controlled environment plant production systems are used widely throughout the world to produce plant materials and products at a time or place, or of a quality that can not be obtained outdoors.

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  • Components of greenhouse

    Components of greenhouse Roof: transparent cover of a green house. Gable: transparent wall of a green house Cladding material: transparent material mounted on the walls and roof of a green house.

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